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                                    MEMBERSHIP CARD
If you haven't received your EPF member card with in 3 weeks after purchase, please contact us via email. The   
number one reason is because we cant read your writing.
Usually we will contact you if you leave your email or phone number but sometimes we cant read that either :)
** if you didn't receive your membership its probably because it's unreadable. Send us an email with yr address and we will mail it
King and Queen of the bench 2017
possible date mid May or early June.
Stay tuned
Tommy Roselli
National Champion 2014
Pat Mackey

King of The Bench 2015
John Bartolo
King of The Bench 2015
Queen of The Bench 2015
Pat Mason
Masters King of The Bench
Desiree Ford
National Champion 2016
James Katchpole

National Champion 2016
Enter the 2017 Nationals or King/Queen of the bench...